13 Amazing Video Marketing Facts

  1.  A video in an email marketing campaign increases click through rate by almost 300%
  2. Mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year.
  3. If you use a video on a mobile campaign it is more likely by 92% to be shared with others by your audience.
  4. Video boosts purchase intent by 97%.
  5. You can trigger an increase on conversion rate – that is the response of the audience to your call to action – by 80% if you add a video in the landing page.
  6. A video is 80% more likely to be remembered than text or a webpage even after 30 days
  7. After watching a video, consumers are 62% more likely to buy online the product or service that was presented.
  8. B2B sales leads are increased by at least 50% with the use of video marketing
  9. 15 seconds or shorter clips of are more likely to be shared by 37% of the viewers, the longer the video duration the lower the share statistics.
  10. 33% of all internet activity is video watching.
  11. One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words of text.
  12. The average exposure per user is 16 minutes of video ads per month.
  13. The cost of a video production for promotional reasons starts from only 10€.