How happy would this robo-puppy make you?

Ask yourself what would be your preferred source of knowledge when you need to get inspired entertained or find out how to fix or do anything? Fifty years ago this would be an expert on the field or someone you trust, today it is Google! Have you ever wondered how a machine managed to replace all human experts providing credible answers to all possible problems? What other human activity could be replaced by a machine? We know that driverless cars, medical diagnostic tools, various functional and recreational robots are developed.

Up to now, the standard perspective in relation to every computerized system was that, microprocessors, electronic boards and computerized machines in general are as good as they have been designed to be. The standard error correction procedure was to find the mistake(s), build the solution software and install the updated code.

Data collection and info gathering is the most essential part of the learning procedure because when aspects are missing there is no complete picture therefore misleading is possible. A typical decision making process explores possible solutions evaluating pros and cons and deciding on the most effective at a given time, exactly like when playing chess.

In the latest years, programmers have developed systems with self-learning capabilities that can define what goes wrong in relation to expected outcome procedures and changing system’s behaviour. This critical step of self-correcting program code without the need of any manual update and install procedure was the beginning of intelligent systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have the ability to emulate complex human decision making, even considering the mental process the prioritization and the psychological factors that can be involved. At this stage of development, AI Systems can collect big data information, possibly sourced through Internet of Things sensors, analyze, think, learn and make decisions to solve problems.

This amazing technology is right on our doorstep, more and more AI applications will become part of our everyday life in the next few years. Google scientists have been researching and developing AI solutions for the last 6 years ( and actually, Google search service itself aims to be seen as an AI development in the future. What AI integration can you use in your business?