AI in advertising

Artificial Intelligence powered campaigns will soon be dominating the web. AI uses machine learning to capture, analyse, manage and optimize the targeting of ads by defining the channels less used by competitors. As this not only increases advertising effectiveness but also drastically decreases cost, AI can take over classic analysis very fast. AI tools can provide marketing professionals lighting fast and super reliable insights on what are the keywords - key phrases - that are more effective for their target market at the lower possible cost.

The algorithm Facebook uses on Facebook ads is an AI engine like the one described above.    As reported by Boomtrain, other businesses already using AI powered systems to enhance their conversions are La Redoute, TopFan, Pandora and The Wall Street Journal. This allows an approach targeting their markets and focusing on every segment with accuracy their competitors cannot even dream of. When all those are based on hard unquestionable facts the benefits are guaranteed.

AI is equally valuable on monitoring. With automatic second by second monitoring, things that might go wrong - like traffic interruption, sales or data flow drop - are instantly identified generating a report to the campaign manager to control any anomalies. The payback of AI usage is rapidly dissolving any drawbacks or hesitation in the business world. AI investments are now considered to be in the top 3 with the faster ROI.

Even if AI is expected to generate over 20% of all business content before the end of 2018, qualified marketing professionals that have the knowledge to work with that technology are becoming more valuable. Very few marketers are comfortable setting the initial programming input, the cut-offs, the benchmarks and the decision making points in relation to the aims and objectives on each individual campaign on AI platforms. Marketing science is needed to provide the data the machine needs in order to operate.