Business Communication Networks Strategy

A business cannot be an independent entity favoring a solitary life. To survive and prosper, it needs to build an efficiently operating networking environment of meaningful relationships. The development of communications offers multiple options and levels of connectivity that can save valuable time and effort if used wisely for a purpose.  

Braking down stakeholders by characteristics we can prioritize and categorize by importance, dependability and contact frequency.  Based on the specific needs of the business we can evaluate our relationship and chose one or more communication channels for each one.

For example a communication networks strategy in a retail business could consider building as many automatisms over as many communication channels as possible varying the human intervention level by stakeholder. Moreover, an automated monitoring routine of your competition activity is highly recommended to be set over the web. This will minimize the risk of surprise and provide a comprehensive picture of your market.

Having that on mind you can use this graphic, add the relevant factors for your business and match the stakeholders on the left with the appropriate medium(s) on the right to build your policies and procedures accordingly. Our communication experts can help you develop the strategy that suit your business needs.