Call-To-Action on Online Ads

Why does a business invest on advertising? Depending on the market specific conditions and the life cycle stage of its products and services, it could be, to get established as a market leader, to build a brand name, to attract more supporters, get more sales and much more. To achieve that goal, every individual ad should include a clear and specific Call-To-Action (CTA) request. Without that every ad is incomplete as the bold truth is that if you do not ask, you don’t get! We need to realize that if we don’t ask, the answer will always be NO!

A CTA is your request for the customer response you want on your advertisements. On online advertising, that can be a “Buy Now” button, a “Learn More” button and much more like a call request, a visit our store request or like our page request.

Depending on the aim you will need to develop a corresponding Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure the performance of every CTA. To track visitor’s reaction on your advert, a clear and measurable CTA is essential. In between no reaction and the ideal reaction, there might also be a scalable series of intermediate responses. Since the complete range of possible responses can be digitally identified, the performance of every advertisement can be accurately measured.

A series of performance data is produced by every advertisement. Collecting comparing and analyzing data from advertising campaigns to produce meaningful insights, is the scientific side of marketing. A professional Marketer should have a clear understanding on how every campaign compares to previous years, industry standards and innovative campaigns. That knowledge can not only be used to drastically improve the performance of future campaigns but also to make the most out of the given advertising budget for every period. This is why the performance data collected by advertising campaigns, is considered to be one of the most valuable assets for a business on the right hands.

The significant advantage of Digital B2B Services Ltd. is that our digital marketing masters, are expert analysts and can extract the value of the information behind raw numbers, to maximize the outcomes of any advertising budget.

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