Can Telemetry Generate profit?

What does TV’s, fitness trackers, audio devices smart watches and cars have in common? They are the top five Internet of Things (IoT) devices that smartphone users are expected to be connected with. With more new IoT devices available in the market everyday a new smart connected network growing every minute is developed.

Currently cars are by far the top IoT connected devices. Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure technologies will enable the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems to minimize transport cost, solve traffic congestion and other transport problems. The new data-sets generated by this connectivity will combine car model, maintenance, mobility patterns, time spent on every location and many more details with the owner name. These associations that reveal real life habits and spending trends never before possible to monitor, will offer marketing professionals the ability to design more effective promotional activities.

Unfortunately or thankfully only the highly trained have the ability to unify collected figures, work with higher statistics, analyze big data and produce meaningful results instantly applicable on marketing strategies. Since everything in marketing will soon be based on actual facts and not on estimates, professional marketers will be more easily traceable. All their plans and strategies will yield the results that are designed to deliver with an expected error margin of 2 to 3% maximum!  

So get your business ready for the new era! Choose the marketing scientists that can you can trust and take your business to the next level with confidence based on actual results.