The good old days

When we started designing marketing plans, there was no internet or any sophisticated computers and software. Marketing actions were almost evaluated based on aesthetics than measurable consumer influence criteria. Classic marketing mediums of that era were newsletters, flyers, corporate gifts, business cards, billboards, magazines, newspapers radio and TV. The digital tools available on the workplace were DOS based invoicing systems that could produce some statistics based on custom (Fortran) programming. Consumer behaviour analysis and Kotler’s books were the more advanced tools we had. Till then to be able to control and assess every marketing plan we designed and implemented, we had to create custom made data collection methods, indexes and metrics to compare outcomes of interest. The introduction of Microsoft Windows based applications like excel revolutionized marketing but compared to what is available today all that sounds like tales from the Stone Age.

Being Digital *

When it was first introduced, digital marketing was something like a set of new mediums that could be incorporated in a media mix. When professional marketers realized that the advanced digital marketing metrics and especially big data analytics has practically transformed marketing from an art to a science were left breathless! The classic marketing principles are still there but digitization is becoming more dominant.

How can I have exceptionally prolific marketing - how will I know?

Today, web, eCRM, digital communications, mobile web design metrics and concepts combined with big data mining and analytics are incorporated on every new Marketing plan. Marketers take advantage of the fact that people spend so much time online leaving behind clear traces of their digital behaviour. Digital tracking is used to develop multi-platform strategies built around solving the complex puzzle of defining who are the clients, what are their habits, how do they search, what do they seek and finally what influences their purchases. This is the basis of the modern Marketing strategies we develop for our clients to dominate their markets over their competition.

Since every action is digital, all outcomes are fully measurable on every stage. This means that bad proposals and plans cannot be hidden for long and business owners can clearly see what was successful and what did not work leaving semi-skilled and inexperienced marketers completely exposed.