Today, Facebook is the largest social network with about 2 billion connected users. All individual characteristics such as geographic, demographic, ethnographic and all other details such as the usability of the medium by user, the profession and their interests, contained in user profiles are parts of Facabook’s user database and practically consist their most significant property. 

Is it for you?

Yes if you are targeting on individual customers. 

Possibly not if you are selling products or services to other businesses. 

When for example a gym based in Galway needs to reach all 18 to 40 year women that live in a 10km radius and communicate a new “half price” offering in Pilates programs, a Facebook ad directed on this exact audience can reach this desired group in less than a day! This means that a very accurate level of customer segmentation ready to be reached on a very short period of time is possible and this is very attractive to all kinds of traders, businesses and advertisers that can hit their specific audience based on any desired combination of characteristics. Since market segments can be accurately and credibly be defined, building campaigns that would correspond on each target markets specifics and on the timing of their choice is quite a straightforward procedure.

The tricky issues that need to be addressed on this case are:

  • Everyone can try doing it
  • The plethora of offers, especially on special occasions like Christmas can be really confusing
  • It is very difficult to stand up from a crowd of similar ads
  • Facebook’s algorithms change consequently so it is not easy to reach the desired audience
  • It is hard to correct past mistakes
  • Some users have installed ad blockers so ads do not reach them (only posts are visible)
  • More than one stimuli has to be applied to have the desired result

Even the best of businesses and the best of marketers cannot be perfect but aiming on a carefully designed plan that can reach over 80% of the audience of interest and tackling over 80% of the difficulties seems to be a feasible objective. How can this be achieved? If we focus on the following data from "" we can clearly see that if we create content that is specially designed for mobile it is more likely to attract the attention of specific target markets. Our job is to define what applies where and when to have the optimal outcome that is desired for our customers.