Contemporary advertising

In the last thirty years, technology has completely transformed advertising. A sound media mix in the 80s’ could be based on TV, print media and radio and supported with publicly displayed posters and billboards. The new media that has been developed also offered a variety of new promotional activities that was progressively added in every marketing strategy. With so many new connected devices and new communications, it is impossible for any advertising campaign today to neglect digital media.

Even if large multinational companies are heavily investing in digital marketing solutions, there is still space for small low budget SME’s and start-ups to launch their products and services in the market. This amazing opportunity is expected to be very dynamic in the next years as the digital world offers a massive variety of marketing activities, constantly adding new options. The added bonus is the accuracy of the metrics that offer the ability to monitor audience reactions. With this valuable knowledge marketers can instantly adjust every detail to match the preferences of the prospect customers.

The marketing budget switch trend from traditional to digital is gradually shifting to the digital side. After the digitization of the old media that has converted TV to smart TV, FM radio to digital radio and the public display ads transmitted on large (video wall type) connected screens, eventually all will become digital. The point is that every business that wants to be around and survive in the near future will have to consider planning ahead switching to more digital advertising activities.