Customer Journey

After identifying target markets and braking them down into segments with common characteristics, marketing professionals seek for the buying processes followed by each segment. The complete sets of successive procedures that lead to the purchase of a product or service are called the “customer journey”.

  1. The first question in every customer journey is “what is this?” where something has triggered customer’s curiosity and wants to know about a product or service.
  2. In the next step the customer wants to know “what does it do” seeking for possible uses.
  3. In the third stage the potential customer wonders “what problem will it solve for me” and seeks for specific applications of the product or service in real life situations.
  4. Many will leave in the process but the ones that will get positive answers on each phase will seek “how can I buy it” stating their need to buy. A sale will occur if the product has the right price and is easily accessible at the specific time.

Although customer journey mapping is a very important task for a business it is not always been done with success. The trickiest task for marketers is to find the timing and the location of each step detecting the places every segment seeks for information and response. This is why least experienced professionals tend to avoid it or do it with the use of a generic template.