Digital reality in Business communications

The electronic mediums of communication have changed the landscape in the business world. More and enriched communication flows have been added actually creating new forms of business relations. On top of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) that was already known, Consumer to Business (C2B) communications have been enhanced dramatically becoming faster, more direct and almost completely publicized. The new form of business communication that has emerged is the Consumer to Consumer (C2C) that has been developed through comments blogs and product reviews were consumers discuss their experiences over a purchased product or service. This form of business communication has the unique characteristic that the business has none or very limited control over it. Adding up the element of speed were transmitting – receiving time for every message or information is counted in seconds we can understand that good news and bad news can be spread amazingly fast! Managers and small business owners need to understand they need to build a communication management system to control marketing communications effectively and at the same time be prepared to act proactively preventing damages. A skillset that would include marketing on top of the communication strategy needs to be developed to have the ability to react fast, correcting negative influences promptly.

C2C element

The new element dominating digital business communications is the direct and flawless interaction between consumers. C2C communication as it is widely described that can directly affect businesses is beyond any internal business control. When the impact of this communication is positive and satisfied customers share their experience with their digital friends, it could be seen as a digital version of the classic word of mouth. The problem is that a negative experience presented by an unsatisfied customer can spread out like a virus that can damage the core of the business that is consumer’s trust.

Besides the use of social media were a person can get in contact with thousands of others, posts in other specialized and influential customer reviews sites and related forums, can switch new potential consumers’ minds, preventing sales or cancelling orders, multiplying negativity over the specific product or service without any control. This lack of control is the main difference compared to traditional marketing communications that had a high level of managerial control. This means that business owners and managers need to discover new ways in aiming to change consumer behaviour to match their objectives and create faster response mechanisms to avoid damage spreading. Creating company owned pages in social media, blogs and other platforms combined with an Email Marketing campaign directed on the top 3 segments could be an effective strategy encapsulating and manipulating some of the negative and positive non-controlled activities and enhancing sales at the same time. Addressing fast and officially on each issue that might arise, and building a strategy around it, aiming to resolve customer fears, could be a sensible choice. This is what our Social Media Marketing service is offering to your business. With only €136 + VAT combined per week you can be secured that your company will have an amazing presence and at the same time be heavily armored on preventing the above mentioned digital damages. Click here to see what the Social Media Marketing pack can offer to you.