Digital catwalk

It is not uncommon for new fashion designers to launch their collections online. When the budget is very limited a digital launch campaign can generate the require publicity in a fraction of the cost of a traditional catwalk show. Since spending less for the same result is tempting for every business this trend is spreading across industries.

Accountants, SME’s, Takeaways, Retail stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Car manufacturers, and many more are already successfully launching their products or services digitally. Even in large scale projects where a traditional event is chosen, marketing strategists can design a hybrid approach that combines the traditional event plan with digital elements especially in the preparation stage. With the ability of modern CRM systems to track if and when an e-mail is opened, it makes no sense to print and post invitations any more.

A professionally designed digital launch campaign can introduce your service or product in the market and generate sales and highly valuable feedback. Whatever the offering you introduce in the market, strategy and planning are key elements to achieve success.

A professional digital marketer can save you thousands of euros by setting up and adjusting the marketing activities and the frequencies with the media mix that will suit your budget addressing the exact target markets of interest. Click here to ask for a specific quote or click here to order your launch campaign directly.