A few years ago most organisations were spending at least one third of their overall budget and time to purchase goods and services. Procurement still holds a significant business value today but emerging technologies have changed the picture of costly, time-consuming, and inefficient procurement processes.  Today e-tenders platforms and e-procurement procedures are becoming the market standard. This has happened because the online procedures that are controlled by independent platforms have lower administrative overheads, completely transparent criteria, better service quality, timely outcomes and increased flexibility. 

In large organisations with lots of managers and directors, from the time when a new supplier is assessed and approved, being asked for the first quotation till the actual delivery of the first order of products or services, it can even take more than two years! The set of criteria is complex, managers across multiple levels need to assess, compare and possibly discuss on every new supplier pros and cons and the decision makers need to be in position to justify every choice. This is why B2B procurement is a long maturity process. 

For SME’s IT procurement control systems can be very expensive. Internet – Cloud based applications can be much cheaper and easier to set up. When this happens radical changes in favour to the SME’s can be triggered in the market. The competitive advantage of an average SME is that it can utilise the online software and follow the exact same set of procedures as much larger competitors. Since an SME is much more flexible it can gain the advantage of speeding up response time and reduce the whole process to about one third of the time! As an SME can embrace change and take decisions much faster than a large multinational it can become an equal competitor and gain new contracts and clients from much larger competitors at their own game!

In Digital B2B Services Limited we specialise on the Digital Transformation of SME’s helping them reduce their costs at least 30% by digitising Procurement, Resources, Communications, Promotions, Sales, After sales, Marketing and relevant Processes. This is why we use as many cloud applications smart apps, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things sensors and other technological advancements as possible to add speed and value to our work. This provides our clients with a significant advantage over their competitors allowing them to generate more awareness, leads, and sales. Get in contact with Chris our Digital Transformation Expert to find out to what extend you can digitise your business.