B2B procurement is a long maturity process. From the time a new supplier is approved, quote and actually deliver the first order of products or services, it can even take more than two years in large organizations! Emerging technologies are raising high hopes of finally changing the picture of costly, time-consuming, and inefficient procurement processes by enabling e-procurement procedures in terms of lower administrative overhead, better service quality, timely location and receiving of products, and increased flexibility. Most organizations are spending at least one third of their overall budget to purchase goods and services so procurement holds a significant business value and time. 

For SME’s IT systems can be very expensive to set up. Internet – Cloud based applications can be cheaper and more easier to set up. In fact, they have the potential to trigger even more radical changes. The competitive advantage of an average SME is that it can chose the right software to follow the exact set of procedures it needs and at the same time speed up the whole process to less than one third of the time! This means that it can embrace new services and new materials much faster than a large multinational.

This is why in Digital B2B Services we use as much cloud applications as possible adding speed and value to our work and we also suggest our clients to do the same as this will help them speed up procurement and other procedures increasing actual productivity.