Smart Sales

Planning the daily routine of a sales team, top class sales managers start by prioritizing tasks by the level of difficulty. Adding up a condition that deals with the emotional stage and the conviviality of a salesperson can, not only increase effectiveness but also nourish professionalism. Sales that can be done easily like periodic re-sales or up-sales on existing clients and others that do not require much effort but do count on each salesperson’s account and bonuses could be identified as smart sales.

To develop a psychological boost on low level sales force, easy “smart sales” are planned first. This allows their confidence to build up and reach their peak at the time they will attempt a sale on the next client that would require more demanding efforts. To build a positive momentum, on experienced sales executives the hardest tasks are planned first (as quoted by Mark Twain “If your job is to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning”). Sales veterans can handle rejection much better rebuilding their attitude before addressing the next client and adapt to the specific style needed in no time. This is a technique that can bring out the best out of each member in a sales team optimizing the corporate potential on the given human capital and conditions.

It is very possible for “smart sales” to be overlooked and left on the side as non-important but it is also possible to generate over 70% of the total company turnover in specific industries.  Nevertheless incorporating this type of sales in a sales plan can become the significant advantage over competitors that neglect or undervalue “smart sales” in their sales managing mix.