Let’s get personal!

It is only five days before Christmas and we could not think of a better time to get to know each other better by sharing our story with you.

After working for more than 20 years in large cities we started seeking for a change to improve our life quality. Changing lifestyle isn’t easy. Walking away from the mainstream can be scary especially when combined with the effort to set-up a new venture on unknown territory.  

The most pleasant surprise came in from the local people! We were amazed to realize we were and still are so welcome by everyone. In small communities everyone knows everyone and it didn’t take us long to feel like a part of this group. After three years we became so incorporated with this community that when someone has a problem we feel it as our own. The locals reminded us of our humanistic side, humans do support each other and it feels so right to receive and be giving a helping hand when there is a need. Family values are also empowered as this humanistic approach replaces faceless and mechanistic practices by focusing on what really matters that is the people around us.

Every major change is challenging but this feeling in the air around us makes our business a part of the community and builds up the strength needed to overcome obstacles. This is how we aim to be better professionals focusing on people first. This vision is clearly stated on our mission that is:

“Helping local businesses be competitive and bring more life into rural communities has become our mission.”

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