Light my - social media - fire

We all use Social media to interact and share views with others but how can we really use them to effectively promote a business? 

The characteristics identified to be most important for business are:

Social Networking

Core social platforms where people interact through social networks like Facebook for consumer audiences - Linkedin for business audiences - Google + and twitter for both

Social publishing & News

Online Newspapers and magazines and participation through comments on articles, social groups or communities

Social commenting on blogs

Company blogs are the core of the social media strategy and independent communities and forums develop on the side of main networks with a vast amount of valuable user generated content remains unexploited out there.

Social Customer Service

When a customer writes on a corporate social media account anything related with a product or service, this should automatically be treated as a call to the customer service department. Complains and reviews over related forums or any social platform should also be set on top priority not only for the specific user but mostly for other readers engagement. Everything is public and there is always the danger for a negative mention to spread geometrically in minutes.  

Social Knowledge

Lots of reference sites such as Youtube, Yahoo answers Quora, Wikipedia and others are used by businesses to introduce products or services attributes and provide knowledge resolving most common issues.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarks is not something new it has started in the 90’s and it is centralized online services that allow users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks and online documents. The transformation of local browser bookmarks that have been upgraded to publically shared information between likeminded users can be a great source of information and a sales tool for business.

Social Streaming

Besides video on demand and digital TV services like Netflix, rich streaming media including photos video or podcasts are rapidly increasing over social platforms. Increasing broadband speeds have dragged the volume of exchanged information to another level.

Social Search

Search engines are also turning more social allowing users the ability to tag, comment and even vote the content they see. A dramatic influence on web ranking and user influenced engagement is expected to become a critical factor of digital business credibility.

Social Commerce

For the time is highly relevant for the retail sector with online sales over social media dramatically increasing along with direct reviews, ratings and content sharing. Coupons and deals are all over and most platforms allow a social login to facilitate users.

 The Challenge is social media marketing is becoming much more complex than most businesses believe and it is our responsibility as professional marketers to help them understand and get the most out of that change.