Marketing – Art or Science?

We have noticed that the public perception is very confused over what marketers do. Others believe that marketing is more like an art because the end result they see is kind of artistic while others believe that marketing is more like science because it has to do with strategies, plans, objectives and statistics.

This is why we have uploaded this quick poll a few days ago to clear it out.

As some tasks seem to be easy from a spectator’s point of view, Marketing attracted many opportunists that were seeking easy money. A fairly large group of people posing as marketing freelancers have never had any formal education or training on it. This resulted in an army of “social media experts” that promise to generate traffic and sales leads applying the same templates and techniques practically reproducing the same job every single time.

A professional Marketeer will first study the stage the company is in, the customers and prospect audience, the offerings they expect, and where the company wants to go. This is the input needed to start sketching a strategy outlining the activities that will justify how to get there and create the measuring tools that will continuously control every step of the progress. Unfortunately, everything does not work for everyone and tangible results are mostly derived through original work that brings in a pleasant surprise element for the specific audience of interest. Professionals know what they do and can guide the business owner/manager through decoding the scientific control processes set to monitor expected results.

So the answer is that yes Marketing is a science because everything is planned, all plans are measurable and comparable to specific benchmarks were if replicated under the same conditions the same results will occur. The problem is that this only applied to professional marketeers that can study each case, plan, use statistics, algorithms creating the metrics needed. All marketing activities created by professionals can be justified and assessed with unquestionable metrics while amateurs do not know what they do or why and have no idea on how to evaluate it.

Marketing is not evaluated with artistic criteria, at the end of the day what matters is where and how much it will contribute to the business.