Online marketing tactics

Online marketing tactics are the actions taken, the mediums and the tools used to promote a corporate entity online. Blogs, online ads, mobile ads, SMS campaigns, online launch campaigns, e-commerce apps websites and affiliations, email marketing, SEO, PPC, IOT sensors, artificial intelligence apps and automatisms are some of the elements utilised. To avoid substantial economic damage, businesses need to realise that all marketing activities should be aiming at the same direction and be in-line with the overall business strategy. 

Some businesses cannot really understand the power of new technologies and they have no idea what could be the added value they can generate online. This is why they do not invest on professionals tending to trust inexperienced “marketeers” to run social media, do a website or some scattered online promotions. They want to be there because this is what their competitors do and see if they can have any benefits with the minimum possible budget. This is one of the most typical mistakes in the history of the mankind. As pointed out some 2.500 years ago by Sun Tzu “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” This means that no individual action can produce any real result if there is no strategic plan to justify why, design how and orchestrate when each activity will approach each audience aiming to achieve what outcome. 

Spending money online just to be there makes no sense! Every professional marketing plan consists of offline and online activities is designed for the needs of the specific company, compliant with its mission, vision & identity aiming to bring in specific results to the benefit of the business. There is no one size that fits all. There is no “standard” or “basic” set of marketing activities that are good for every business out there. Even the same business has no same needs each consecutive year. Conditions change and can be critical on marketing plans. Factors like the growth stage of the business, the industry, the activities of main competitors, seasonality, the Unique Selling Point, the distribution channels and many more should definitely be considered. To get the optimal outcome we do need to take advantage of every possible element and in marketing this can only be done by professional and experienced marketeers.