Out of The Box Thinking

The advantage of doing nothing is a hassle-free life with no mistakes but to achieve things, failure needs to be embraced as an essential part of the learning process. Among the people that do things there is a very distinct group that is the life achievers. They are the ones that invent new ways of doing things, design new technology and new products, introduce new services and new ideas bringing in amazing developments to the world. One of the most common characteristic between those people that might be business leaders, researchers, inventors or serial entrepreneurs is out of the box thinking.

Focusing on the essence of Tuesday’s 7/2/2017 workshop where I presented how to design an exceptional sales strategy, that is to start thinking differently and develop an “out of the box thinking” mentality.

  • This means taking nothing as given because something that might be OK now can change tomorrow.
  • Challenge everything, ask yourself, what is the current benefit, why do things happen in a certain way and try to find out how you could do it better.  
  • Start from a blank slate; use past knowledge and experience, not past systems or usage of tools. Tweak systems try to make them better, find new uses of old tools, discover new ones and experiment new ways of doing things.
  • Question standards, realize why old standards are set as they are. Today to get a five star rating on a safety test, a car must keep the passengers uninjured after a 55km frontal collision. This is because currently it is much more expensive for the automakers to achieve that at a higher speed.
  • Get inspired, dig in yourself and find what makes you passionate, what you love, what you are in love with and what motivates you. This is your own inspiration and your own unique power to change the world, your motive can trigger a chain reaction getting onboard many more.
  • Create a vision, depending on who you are, what you know and what you love, you might visualize yourself making blind people to see again or just make the best biscuits in the world. It is your call.
  • Redefine criteria, do not restrain yourself into boundaries, the best sales achievements either in an organization or an individual level was made by changing the rules.
  • Reinvent the market, yes you still need to define your market but you can also rearrange the market or train the market do things your way. If you prove that you can add a benefit like do it easier, faster or cheaper the market will follow you.

Out of the box thinking is the only way to allow you aim a lot higher than competitors.  Even if not everything runs smoothly and as expected, at the end of the day, you will still be left with unbelievably positive results!

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