Have you ever thought why Nike is offering full customization on most online orders or why you can configure all the features you need on your new, Audi, BMW or Mazda? As tailor-made solutions are more appealing on specific target markets, they try to create a critical selling point that would become the reason of preference against their competition. Mass production companies developing one-of-a-kind product offerings might sound oxymoron but it makes perfect sense when thinking of the difference it makes and the quality of the relationship built with the customers.

The same happens in services were the most desired ones are personalized to fit clients tastes and preferences as in safety, hospitality or digital services. Lawyers, accountants and other service professionals also practice personalization every day.

When the client feels considered and well taken care of a stronger bond is developed, almost like in personal relationships, with the company. This relationship does not only boost sales but also creates a significant competitive advantage that is less likely to be broken under pressure. This is why keeping your customer pampered - offering options that others do not – has become one of the key elements of business growth.