Planning Power

While others have no idea if and when their marketing is successful or not some businesses have achieved a level of accuracy that allows them to define the exact performance of every activity. The most common reasoning for that is the methodology used to set the expected outcomes and the objectives in the initial planning.

In almost 70% of all startups there is no know-how on what would be effective promotion for them, how to measure that effectiveness and how much they can spend on marketing. They decide to do things because they have seen others doing them without knowing how or even what to expect. Many businesses that do online promotions do not know how to plan them, what would be successful and what not, how their competitors perform, what data to collect and how to measure and assess outcomes.  

Imagine two hardware stores were on the first the owner distributed 5000 flyers in his town and the second invested the same amount of money to generate 5.000 new user hits per day in the e-shop for a month. In the first case there is no way to find out how many flyers have been wasted and how many have actually reached households. It is also impossible to know how many sales or quotes have been generated, from witch neighborhoods or specific clients and how much time after they got the flyer. As one of the main advantages of going digital is measurability, the level of valuable detailed information collected in the second case is amazing. Click through tracking on the e-shop collects a set of data that records the promotional activity, the time of the day, client demographics, the digital path that led to the store and the exact products interested for or bought by every visitor.

Either online or offline, the benefits of a professionally designed promotional plan that would have specific measurable aims and accurate measuring tools are more than obvious. This unquestionable advantage can make a tremendous difference in a competitive environment. This is why an investment in marketing expertise can be as critical as business survival itself.