Researching on what political organizations or governments do to persuade people to believe on ideas we have discovered that they do not just state and describe objectively the rationale behind ideas. They propagandize using shows, messages, or even images that simplify aspects of an idea aiming to make public opinion perceive it as their own, reminding of the relevant Le Bon’s (1894) theory that was used on the second World War. 

Today visual propaganda using social media could be simpler faster and much more effective. When we incorporate aspects of this technique on modern digital marketing strategies we can create an effective asset that adds real value to the business that will use it. The significantly positive effect on the behavioural intention that is triggered using story-telling propaganda techniques, could become the core of an effective marketing strategy especially for businesses that sell intangible assets and services.

Further study on specific techniques and concepts used to promote political ideologies and actually change public behaviour has concluded that the best practice is through collaborating partnerships between organizations in different sectors and regions. In marketing this can be accomplished through the development of multi-channel affiliate strategies that will be a combination of email marketing with PPC , Social Media Marketing and an inspiring Digital Launch Campaign