Seasonal Marketing Opportunities

Not all fingers are the same and not all working days are expected to deliver the same outcome. This is why businesses should not invest the same marketing budget on every day of the year. To identify the level of seasonality in a business we break down the calendar year in terms and periods focusing on the sales volume patterns of previous years. This is how we can identify the specific periods of interest that inflated sales in the specific business.

Periods like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Halloween, Valentines, Discounts, bank holidays and others can generate a large volume of sales. In some cases – especially in retail – a substantial percentage of the yearly profit depends on those special periods. Smart businesses that have identified that phenomenon and plan their marketing strategy and activities accordingly are the ones that lead their competition.

Further analyzing the consumer behavior on each period we can also isolate the specific audiences that do the most spending on each of the special days. Having all that valuable data we can design more effective marketing plans, fully justifying why the marketing budget needs to be distributed unevenly, and develop effective activities targeted on each occasion accordingly.