Building social customer relationships

When companies create their business profile on social media or other public platforms and ask for customer engagement they need to be ready to engage too. The worst things you can do are to build a profile with your company name on it and either have it incomplete or badly designed or leave it idle for long periods. This is when YOUR consumers are turned wild and really mad at you! It makes no sense to aim on customer engagement if there is no such intention from the company. To trigger customer’s common sense and make it attractive and sensible to engage with a company, there has to be a very good and worthy reason. A customer experience with tangible value has to be created for the customer to feel benefited by a prospect relationship with a company.

What business thinks is not always what consumers care about. Even if customers value much different aspects than the company, this customer side prioritization is what the company should follow to attract customer’s attention and engagement. Every company that wants to survive needs to have a marketing department that will be constantly seeking for elements that are valuable for their target consumer. To get connected with those customers and create a growth potential, all online connections will have to be based on those elements.

It is logical that when the call of action requires time, a certain level of attention, some type of endorsement delivering personal and other data to the company, the consumer has to get something valuable in return. This is the core of the most successful marketing strategies – on email marketing, launch campaigns, social media marketing, or launch campaigns - that aim to develop a connection with customers and gradually increase engagement.

To set the aims quantifying the level of engagement and objectively measure the achieved outcome free open source or custom made Social Customer Relationship Management (s-CRM) systems can be used.