Speak from the heart

It might not be obvious for some in the first read but Marketing is very close to Psychology. To approach people asking them to react in a certain way – trust and try a product or service – encompasses a deep understanding of how they feel and deep analysis of the factors affecting their behavior. All marketing surveys, tests, monitoring and data analysis are done to reveal and predict how people would react so in a way marketers are the psychologists of the market.

The most valuable pieces of advice a life mentor can provide is to train yourself into “saying what you mean and meaning what you say.” When you are honest to people, you unlock their feelings and you will most likely get back a positive reaction. If you reveal your inner thoughts and back it up with action your audience will tend to mimic your act reflecting with their true feelings.

The content you use and the words really do matter. Sometimes a message is not exactly perceived as it was wanted. In business, this is why each word we use has to be carefully aligned with what we want to say. Successful professionals know that giving some more time into preparing their saying and their text content that will support their promotional plans is the key that can really make the difference. This is why they are the ones that can do that task for you and create the message that will be appealing to your audience and trigger the desired reactions you need.