Spooky Marketing

He/She knew it was coming so what have your marketers planned ahead for your Halloween Digital Marketing Plan? What are your aims on this Bank Holiday? How much are you spending and what are you expecting from the implementation of your plans? In Halloween consumers tend to spend at least 20% more than the rest of the year. In this period, every business should aim in securing that extra 20% and at the same time get as much unexploited surplus as possible from its competitors.  

Are you doing a digital treasure hunt, have you got a mobile SMS campaign, are you giving away samples, are you running a spooky contest, have you issued digital discount coupons, have you organized a spooky costume event or any other Halloween special – sales boosting - act?

If you answer negatively on all above questions then be aware, YOU HAVE BEEN TRICKED and not at all treated as you should!!! Your Digital Marketing plan is way below standards and you are totally unprepared for the biggest sale season of the year that is of course Christmas!   

Do you still have time to save the day? Hell yeah! Email or Call us now and we will do an emergency plan to save your Halloween and get your Marketing Strategy sorted for Christmas. We love working proactively even preparing plan B’s and C’s but when we are called for the rescue we will be there to recover the damage and support our client. This is how we build trust and this is how we can do the same for you creating a trustful client base around your business!