Even if we might not admit it, we all enjoy following a nice story. Beautifully crafted stories based on emotional attachment are the ones that can be the most engaging. Those stories are most likely to be commented recommended and reproduced multiplying reach geometrically.

Storytelling is not something new. In the mid-19th century, if this rings a bell, it was called propaganda and it was used to manipulate the masses for more than a 50 years. This technique is still used in politics using shows, messages, or even images that simplify aspects of an idea aiming to make public opinion perceive it as their own. Marketing realized the significant appeal of storytelling and combined it with propagandizing techniques to develop TV radio and print media advertisements. Today visual propaganda through social media could be simpler to develop, faster to distribute and much more effective on the target audience.

The most successful marketing strategies today are based on storytelling that has become the web standard in generating compelling emotional links that can modify consumer behaviour. This is why the most effective digital content is developed based on storytelling.

Our content developers are in position to use that technique generating original text and visual content in line with your aims to accomplish your marketing plan objectives. If needed a series of visual storytelling videos, animated pictures or sketches and the related text will be developed tailored on your business aims. This is one of the many techniques in our quiver to help our clients reach the heart of their desired audience.    

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