The Bystander Effect in business

The bystander effect has been experimentally proven and quantified as the percentage of non-intervening spectators in a group of people witnessing an emergency. Regardless reasoning, the most popular reaction with an average of over 70% is apathy. This happens because thoughts like “why should I be the one to help - let someone else do it - why should I get my hands dirty” automatically prevail as doing nothing is much easier.

In the business world, when there is a customer need someone will identify it and will be there to make an offering in no time. A business bystander is a person that has an idea of an attractive new product or service that can be developed and decides not to take any action. When after some time the service or product is actually developed by a daring business the bystander might regret it but it will be too late.

It is hard not to take credit for a brilliant idea and see it exploited by others but a reality check can confirm that successful businesses are not built on uncertainty, procrastination and diffusion of responsibility. Most of us have been there - with the non-doers - on some stage of our lives but smart people learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Has this ever happened to you?

Failing is a very positive outcome as it shows that you tried and makes you wiser and more capable to succeed, after all, the ones that do nothing cannot ever fail. Dreamers, planners, persistently focused, bold and likeminded people are the ones that usually do succeed. Don’t let life pass by as an inactive spectator; people that can objectively review their own actions, adjust their plans and have the courage to try again and again are the ones that finally do realize their dreams.