The web is not enough!

In the digital pool of mobile applications, artificial intelligence, algorithms and social media surrounded by a plethora of highly addictive stimuli, a single website is definitely not enough for a business.

In marketing the conditions are never constant. Even for an established business that has identified its audience and mapped the buying behavior, marketers still need to monitor and evaluate every reaction on every marketing activity. In analysis we use advanced tools aiming to identify consumer behavioral patterns and trends. This leads us to valuable insights that allow a better understanding of the typical consumers in a specific market. Having that understanding it is logical for us to be able to design more effective strategies and help a company develop.

In start-ups were there are no previous data to help us design a respectable strategy we first need to create the data. This is where the marketer should have experience working with primary and secondary research combined with trial plans and custom metrics to find out and prove what works and what does not work on the specific market.

This means that a website will not bring in business by itself. A lot of additional effort is required by highly trained and experienced professionals to turn it to an effective sales and marketing tool. On a perpetually changing multi-screen environment and under the pressure of profit we realize that a website is just a piece in the puzzle. It is impossible to see or even imagine the whole picture by only having a tiny piece. We need create more pieces, build and draw around it to start seeing this new universe first.