Unlimited Budget

To realize the optimal performance a marketing plan can achieve try this simple trick. Imagine what would be your aims and what promotional activities you would plan to achieve them if your budget was unlimited. This will allow you to aim as high as possible making you think you could do anything. You will reveal the exact boundaries holding your organization back and develop a methodology money can buy to overcome every difficulty.

Ask yourself, how would you promote your business and your products if your budget was unlimited? This question will trigger your mind think differently imagining the maximum possible outcome any strategy could bring in, stretching your aims to the limits and setting aggressive marketing activities. Once you have that you can step back and take this out of the box thinking to the next level. That would be to explore what part of this extreme plan could really be implemented with your current budget. You will soon discover that some of those extreme aims could really be achieved either by sharing budgets with another department or collaborating with another organization or outsourcing some or all activities to an external provider.

Typically this process will improve a marketing plan by at least 40%. Even if you manage to improve your outcome by a noble 20% you will still be left with an unexpected increase in every affecting outcome including sales and profits.