What do you stand for? Positioning

Have you ever thought what your company stands for in your client eyes and how this perception is created? In marketing the control of this process is the positioning strategy. Setting your positioning, the exact space you aim your business to occupy in a distinctive place within the minds of your target market customers will need to be defined. To achieve that the differentiation attributes incorporated in your product or service offering will have to be determined.

A professional marketer can study your competition and find out what is offered in your market and illuminate the distinctive elements that can make your proposition more appealing. When you realize what your business stands for in your market, a communication plan that will get you connected with your customer base can be developed. The aim of this plan will be to present your value proposition and the specific benefits your customer will enjoy by relating with you.

By defining what you stand for now you can also visualize what you could be and want you want your business to become. To keep being competitive you might need to be prepared to add real or emotional attributes to your product or service offering. You can realize that by following the evolution of the mission and the vision statements of large corporations through time. Our experienced marketers can guide you through the processes and help your company develop the competitive advantages you need.