In Marketing gamification can be defined as the set of techniques used to stimulate natural urges like learning, socializing, risk, competition, status upgrade, philanthropy, reaching a goal or closure of a circle triggering the sense of accomplishment and possibly pleasure. Every addictive gamification scenario requests players to complete tasks offering engaging rewards. That can be points, levels, power-ups, or even virtual money. 
Customer engagement is the key element that can be accomplished with this Marketing technique. 5 to 10 years ago this was limited to privileged multinational companies like Coca Cola and Starbucks that could implement large scale campaigns with budgets counted in millions. Today with the use of open source software and social media, marketers are in position to design similar activities with just a fraction of the budget. 
 To get a first-hand experience on how engaging it can be for your customers, try that uses gamification techniques to help people recover from an injury or illness or improve elements they always wanted to improve for free! We are challenging you to try it and write your comment on this post describing how engaging it was for you!