Business Plan

Business Plan

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Business Plan
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Why do you need a Business Plan? 

Breaking down the business planning needs we realised that most of the Irish businesses need a business plan to be used in:
1 Realising the business potential
2 Applying for a bank loan
3 Applying for funding and/or supports to Enterprise Ireland
4 Applying for funding and/or supports on a local Enterprise Boards
5 Apply for funding to an investment fund, Heads Fund, angel investors or set up crowd-funding
6 Actually implement it and run the business
This is exactly what we had on mind when designing this offer.


It is impossible for business owners to be experts in all business operations across all fields. Most new business that fail have previously failed to conduct a business plan they can implement or they have deliberately postponed planning or implementing one or more activities for a later time. When there is no budget for expensive managers, to avoid jeopardising the viability of the business, the solution of outsourcing can add exceptional professional value to the business at a much lower budget.

Every business needs to record all available resources, its assets, the facilities, the concept ideas, products and services developed and the people - and the corresponding training - that will deliver the desired business activities. A business plan defines what the business is about and how it will utilise and combine the resources for a profit. 


The business plan we will prepare for your business will contain:

Mission, Vision, reason of existence
Main Strategy
Market analysis
Competition analysis
Critical Selling point(s)
Investment plan
Production plan
Financial plan
Sales plan
Staffing plan
Marketing plan
Research and development plan
Project-time management 
Aims, objectives, thresholds, Measuring tools, Control mechanism

Delivered in hard copy and electronic file 40 days after your order, ready to be presented to any public funding organisation or financial institution.

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