Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

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Digital B2B Services is highly specialised on the Digital Transformation of SME’s helping them scale up their sales, minimise effort, time spent and reduce costs at least by 30%
After assessing the current state of your business and define all pain points, we are building up the list of activities and procedures that could be done faster, easier and cheaper with the use of digital technology and automatisations
A great deal of hidden costs, man-hours and delays can be saved by digitising Procurement, Resources, Communications, Promotions, Sales, After sales, Marketing and other Processes. After analysing every such issue in your business we build a comprehensive report that will include all aspects to be improved, prioritised by cost saved, and how each one can be done. To add real value we also implement a pilot transformation plan were we perform a demo process on every suggested digital transformation activity for you to see it within your business operations.  


Custom "State-Of-The-Art" report that will include:
  1. Your business pain points assessment & analysis
  2. Best practices implemented by top competitors in your industry
  3. List of activities and processes to be changed prioritised by how much you save on each one
  4. Digital platform providers - facilitators you can use within your budget on every proposed activity/ process 
  5. Indicate 3 key digital sales strategies that can upscale your sales 
  6. Pilot implementation - Perform a sample demo on each proposed activity/ process
Delivery time: 3 weeks

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