Location Location Location

What is the equivalent of “Location, Location, Location” for the digital entity of a business? 

Not a long time ago, when serious business owners seek for a retail store or office space, the three most important things to consider was “Location, Location, Location”!

To reach the desired audience they had to be located in the street with the higher footfall, have a relevant logo sign, bright lighting, keep the place clean and free of negative distractions, be better than competitors and frequently update the window display with new attractive offers. The most reputable retailers of every city or town could be found on the Main Street. In high sales periods like Christmas they were competing each-other on the most special display window. The business ethics of many business people, besides aiming on profit, has also been to give back some, strengthening their bond with their community over time. 

Startups and especially new e-shops might cut down on initial setup costs underestimating the importance of location. Yes, the world is changing and so is commerce, the basic principles have been transformed and modernised but they are still there. To achieve premium positioning, on a “High Street” location equivalent, a new business needs to build a very aggressive SEO strategy and identify the specific domain name, the keywords and key phrases that comply with the Google algorithm elements before planning. This is the valuable input that can make the difference. Note that this “labor intensive” research is a never-ending process as the prioritisation, the volume and the importance of the ranking factors are not static. 

To strengthen this type of positioning, the new business should also collaborate and sell through electronic shopping mall type platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba or others depending on audience preferences and industry trends. To achieve the desired positioning, all platforms that will be in the media mix of the marketing plan like knowledge sharing blogs, influencer and social networks, online advertising, email marketing, social interaction and other tools should be designed in line with branding. The marketing choreography presented to the audience must be pleasant, smooth and flawless. In a marketing strategy like this, everything from the “window shopping experience” that is Googling and browsing, to the actual customer care department is designed based on instant social media 3way communication.

All communications, from the company to the customer (B2C), from the customer to the company (C2B) and discussions between customers (C2C) are made openly on live public view. This is why serious experience, deep knowledge, accurate automation triggers and excellent reflexes are the bare necessities on online market positioning.  

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