StartUp Pack

StartUp Pack

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Start Up Pack

If you are a Start-Up or a very small business, this customisable One-Stop-Shop solution is designed to cover all will ever need to get the business running with a profit.

The basic StartUp pack is a custom Start-Up promotional strategy & implementation for your business including the:

  • Creation - maintenance of a Facebook & Instagram business account. Connect your business with the desired audience and develop/ upload/ monitor original content advertisements weekly with custom made graphics and/or video generating real leads 4 real sales. 
  • Creation - maintenance of a Twitter account. Connect with key influencers in your markets and create original content tweets every week with custom graphics or videos that address your audience needs and wants.
  • A custom monitoring system to record all promotional activities evaluating them in comparison to the aims defined in the promo strategy. 


  1. Add a corporate Blog with copyrighted content weekly blog entries and custom graphics or videos. Includes strategy analytics and monitoring connected & integrated with your website and social media channels. + €65 per month
  2. Add Website design, content design, your own domain name and hosting for 12 months Includes strategy, aims and online analytics. Only + €30 per month for 12 months.
  3. Add Branding to have your custom logo and colour scheme created in 30 days. + €20 per month for 12 months or 200 euros once-off payment.
  4. Add an e-commerce website development & maintenance pack and start selling online in 30 days with up to 10.000 products & services, online Point Of Sale (POS) system accepting all credit & debit cards plus your own domain name and hosting for 12 months. Includes 24/7 support, strategy, aims and online analytics.+ €75 per month for 12 months.

Our Code of Excellence 

All work developed by Digital B2B Services Limited is guaranteed to be in compliance with the Irish commerce legislation, the GDPR regulations throughout the European Economic Area and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) code of standards.

Everything we produce is based on clients’ needs, with original copyrighted content – Text, Graphics, Animations, Videos, Strategies and Concepts – tailored on the preferences of the identified target markets. We totally respect our clients budget so we constantly review timing schedules, KPI’s and metrics to optimise the performance of each and every marketing activity.

We never do anything that would not make us proud of its beautyharmony and aesthetics.

Not sure what you need:

If you are not sure of what your business needs or you do not have any idea on what are the possible and achievable benefits you can expect or do not know how to set your marketing budget or objectives, we still can help. 

Have all that cleared out and much more with a MENTORING session were your mentor will focus on your business potential revealing your options and the achievable objectives you can expect within your given budget at the specific given time. 

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