Online Trading Pack

Online Trading Pack

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Online Trading
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Did you know that your Local Enterprise office is offering a Voucher of up to 2.500 euros to help small businesses develop e-commerce websites and trade online?

This Online Trading Pack is compliant with the Online Trading Scheme regardless the county you are in or the Local Enterprise Office. This means that you can have your online e-commerce website developed with the minimum possible cost as a large part can be covered by the “Online trading Voucher Scheme grant”. This applies to all businesses that qualify as SME's and want to start selling their products or services online as described in .

Our approach when designing an online trading website is to define the functions it needs to serve for the company and build the strategy that will optimise the presence of each product or service on the web. To do that we need to understand the client company culture and assess strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competition and realise the way the company addresses its markets. 

For example artistic web designs, amazing graphics, pictures and videos are completely useless for a travel booking portal if the clients cannot find the options they are looking for or if it does not work properly on their mobile. Web designers have all the tools to create webpages like digital masterpieces but it is also possible to exaggerate or simply miss the point. This is why the best possible outcome is developed when marketeers and web-designers are working together as a team.  Our aim is to test and challenge the balance between covering customer’s needs and be aesthetically sound.

By clicking on the “Add to Cart” button you will not only get the most competitive price in the market but you are also guaranteed to have your online trading website up and running in 28 days!

What is included in this service 

To deliver the key of your new and shiny mobile responsive online store in 28 days we will register your own Domain Name like and we will design, build and upload your new online store that will include:

  • Unlimited number of incoming orders
  • Up to 100 products
  • Full Credit card checkout setup (once set-up your earnings will be transferred into your business current account in three working days)
  • No Transaction fees
  • 2GB of Bandwidth
  • Marketing activities plan, communication targeting and landing page optimisation including: 4 social media company accounts, design and implement your Search Engine Optimisation Plan, create like buttons on your product displays, create your first promotion and your first electronic newsletter, build auto responders on customer’s enquiries , meta-tags, and registering of your page on Google search and on Bing pages.
  • Weekly statistics analysis report on Revenue, Visitors, Average order, conversion rate and actual marketing actions results
  • Installation and parameterisation of live Google analytics and web statistics

Our Code of Excellence 

All work developed by Digital B2B Services Limited is guaranteed to be in compliance with the Irish commerce legislation, the GDPR regulations throughout the European Economic Area and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) code of standards.

Everything we produce is based on clients’ needs, with original copyrighted content – Text, Graphics, Animations, Videos, Strategies and Concepts – tailored on the preferences of the identified target markets. We totally respect our clients budget so we constantly review timing schedules, KPI’s and metrics to optimise the performance of each and every marketing activity.

We never do anything that would not make us proud of its beautyharmony and aesthetics.

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